Our Story

Our Story Begins in 1990 as our Chef falls in love with food at his first job at an Italian restaurant in a small town in central New Jersey. Fast forwarding almost 30 years and a life time of learning techniques from all across the county from some of the most talented at home chefs, we find our Chef creating new recipes for his friends and family. Things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with tastes so tantalizing people would plead with our Chef to make them more delectable treats for their tongues. Then they began to plead with him to share some of these magnificent creations with the populous. So he took some of his children's favorite jams, salsa, and bruschetta to the local farmers market and placed out a few samples and sold out of nearly everything. That night our Chef thought of many names to call his new company but only one name stood tall on that eve of greatness! Its A Jam Shame™ was born.


These original recipes were created out of fun and fond memories, that awaken your taste buds in way that will bring you back. and when it is gone you will be craving more.

With our catalog growing we now have over twenty-five jams, two salsa, bruschetta, two salad dressings and our number one seller The Greatest Steak™